Producer Spotlight: Flume


At Truth In Waves we’re into the lesser-known/up and coming artists just as much as the superstars and classics. Sydney, Australia’s young producer Flume is one such up and comer who’s using his knack for remixing and electronic music composition to gain some attention. I first discovered Flume several months ago while searching for YouTube videos of Purity Ring. The starry artwork in the sidebar caught my eye so I decided to listen to “Sleepless ft. Anthony for Cleopatra”, a song that I actually recently heard playing during a surf contest Josh was watching. The song has a pretty laid-back vibe to it, but it’s still fun and the melody of the glitchy vocals is infectious. It’s really one of those songs you can listen to on repeat and not find yourself growing tired of it.

Another one of Flume’s standout tracks is his spacey, chilled out remix of New Navy’s track “Zimbabwe”. The original is super upbeat and very Two Door Cinema Club-esque . It’s the ultimate feel good song and I find it hard not to blast the song when it comes on. Flume takes a completely different approach by slowing things down and adding a fair amount of reverb, giving the sounds lots of room to breathe. The track is still very much melody oriented, but the beat helps set both the pace and mood at the same time.

Check out Flume’s SoundCloud for his “Zimbabwe (Remix)” and other works, and download “Sleepless ft. Anthony for Cleopatra” below.

Flume – “Sleepless ft. Anthony for Cleopatra”